Issue 4/2016 of Ecology & Infrastructure magazine presents technology review of analytical equipment for water. In the commentary piece some of the leading suppliers in the field talk about their latest and interesting solutions for analysis of drinking and waste water.
One of the highlights in the issue is the article "Measurement of particulate matter concentration in the atmosphere". The feature reviews the most frequently used methods for the mass measurement of PM in ambient air with filter-based gravimetric samplers, TEOM analysers, ß-attenuation and optical analysers, etc.
Readers can find out more about trenchless technologies for water pipeline rehabilitation from the article in the "Infrastructure" section of the magazine. The material describes the following technologies: slip lining, cured in place lining, spiral wound lining, horizontal directional drilling and microtunnelling.
Other interesting topics in the issue include "Environmental practices and technologies in the mining industry", "Treatment of landfill leachate", "Тechnologies for medical waste disposal", etc.



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