Реклама на фирма: EcoTechnoPole Wallonie




съдържание на рекламата

"Closing the loop by generating new ways for energy In the field of energy recovery, out of biomass, waste and atypical solid fuels, EcoTechno Pole-Wallonia (ETP-W) implements global solutions including mineral recovery. ETP focuses its activities on waste to energy and residue recovery in thermo-processing by gathering information on matter composition and reactivity in the gaseous atmosphere required for optimizing final use and application in waste treatment. • Laboratory characterization of raw material such as elemental analysis and thermogravimetric reactions under pressure. • Adapted opportunity to test the pre-selected thermo-conversion process on a multi-scale demonstration plant. The ETP platform of Research and Development Technology (RDT) has developed skills in the field of: • Simulation of pre-feasibility studies and data reconciliation on platform tests • Solid pre-treatment before thermo-conversion • Thermo-conversion under high pressure (if required) • Such as pyrolysis, thermal desorption, (oxy)combustion, gasification and solid-liquid-gas chemical reaction • With batch and continuous reactors • In controlled gaseous atmosphere: nitrogen, steam, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, air, oxygene • With on-line gases and light hydrocarbons analyses • With the possibility of gas post-treatment depending on desired application The research and development projects are surrounded by a multidisciplinary team, with mechanical, chemical and thermodynamic skills to optimize the final application. All projects encompass scientific bibliography and intellectual property. "